Riverside, Live Acoustic CD/DVD


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Chat 1 1:36
Out Of Myself 4:14
02 Panic Room 3:58
River Down Below 5:32
Chat II 0:32
Through The Other Side 5:53
Time Travellers 7:17
Chat III 1:12
Blackbird 2:51
Chat IV 0:37
Wish You Were Here 5:19

Live Acoustic 40:28

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Recorded during the second “Shelter Of Mine” Fan Club Rally.
Hybrydy, Warsaw, Poland (01.02.2020)

A fan-only edition !!!

The DVD included in the set contains all the performances from the CD, but as a single track (no menu). Track CD-3 is printed as “Panic Room” on the release, and track CD-7 is misprinted as “Time Travalers” on the back. The track listing on the back cover is for track titles only.

Release in 6-panel digipak with transparent tray and additional 6-page booklet.



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