Mariusz Duda, AFR AI D, CD.


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1. taming Nightmares [07:20]
2. Good Morning Fearmongering [05:14]
3. Fake Me Deep, Murf [04:48]
4. bots` party [05:00]
5. i Love To Chat With You [03:43]
6 Why So Serious, Cassandra? [04:56]
7. Mid Jorney To Freedom [03:08]
8 Embracing The Unknown [08:00]

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Mariusz Duda, AFR AI D, CD. Mystic.

Riverside creator Mariusz Duda is back with his fourth solo album, “AFR AI D”
Despite being an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, Mariusz Duda has always been fascinated by storytelling.
While on his previous album “Lockdown Trilogy” Marius wanted to capture a snapshot of the life of a well-known progressive genius during a pandemic, this time he explores the concept of artificial intelligence as a disruptor.
The new solo CD is about the growing commoditization of artificial intelligence and, in particular, the widespread dissemination of artificial intelligence.
Using the concepts of ChatGPT and Midjourney and deep fakes as a springboard, “AFR AI D” explores these interesting and forward-looking theories both musically and conceptually.

In a world where the truth is often masked by deception, the electronic heartbeat “AFR AI D” can never lie. Or can it?

German artist and illustrator Hajo Müller appears once again, continuing the legacy of Mariusz Duda’s work, as the two have collaborated throughout Mariusz’s solo career. Mariusz also plays all the instruments throughout the album, except for the guitar solos.
The AFR AI D material was recorded throughout May and June 2023 at Serakos Studio in Warsaw, Poland, under the engineering of Magda and Robert Srzednicki, and mastering was done by Robert Szydło.


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Mariusz Duda, AFR AI D, CD.

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