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We deliver our products through reliable and recognized operators: DPD, InPost, Poczta Polska. Shipping prices are calculated to ensure that our shipments are safe and arrive in a short time. They also include the cost of packaging, fillers and other items (envelopes, tape, etc.).
If in connection with the sale of a certain assortment or for any other reason it will be necessary or possible to use another way to deliver the goods (such as personal collection) we will inform you.
We care about the environment and therefore try not to use plastic film and packaging. This may make the cost of shipping a little more expensive – but we do for the sake of all of us. Wasteland only as music!!!


Orders are usually packaged and shipped up to 5 business days after payment is received. We are a small company, so for news or special editions, it may take a little longer. Delays can also occur when the products offered are handmade, as in the case of jewelry. We will place information next to each such product group, the manufacturing time of which will extend the execution of the order.


Orders are shipped twice a week, and even daily if there are a large number of orders.


Parcel or letter. Remember that we can’t squeeze a mug into a package with a vinyl record, so when you order vinyl and a mug you will receive two shipments and incur double the cost.


Please note that economy shipping unfortunately does not include tracking. All shipments via DPD will be traceable, as well as most Polish Post Office shipments, but only to Polish borders. Of course, we can always provide the tracking number.


Shipping costs are automatically calculated based on the total weight of the package and the geographic zone to which it is to be delivered. Shipping costs include all handling fees, as well as shipping costs.


We recommend that you try to group your products on one order if possible. Sometimes, if the time between orders is short, we can combine separate orders at one shipping charge. If you have a question in this regard – do not hesitate to contact us, and we will try to somehow solve the problem.


They can be from your side or ours. If there is something wrong with your order; perhaps your address is faulty, or one of the items you ordered is missing from our warehouse, or you have placed two identical orders …, then we will contact you (or you contact us) and together we will definitely solve the problem.


If there is no problem with your order or payment, we pack your order as soon as possible and ship it.


If there are problems with your order and it is clearly our fault (sending the wrong products or sizes), we will, of course, resolve it with you by sending a replacement product or refund your money. However, we cannot refund you for damaged or lost orders or if you ordered the wrong products. We also assume that you understand that items may appear to have slightly different colors or appearance on a computer screen than they do in real life, although we try very hard to make all product images as close to reality as possible.


Remember: you will always be informed of the exact shipping cost during the transaction, which gives you the opportunity to cancel the order if the shipping cost is too high for you. However, if you are interested in the actual calculation of shipping costs, then its basis is the price list of our operator plus the cost of packaging, filling and materials (tape, envelope, other).


We provide two payment methods for your purchases: via PayPal and PayU. They are reliable operators that will process your payment securely and handle almost any credit card.

You don’t need a PayPal or PayU account to make a payment. With this form of payment, your purchases are secured, and they provide an easy way for us to verify payment and possible refund.

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